Turn Back Time

Good Morning Coffee Lover!

Coffee after work. still relevant? or coffee while doing work? no money no talk, i think that’s what people always said. spend your money wisely. am currently at my favorite coffee place, working and coffee-ing. It’s Friday by the way, enjoy my coffee while i can plus raining heavily outside, most probably will stuck here till lunch. Yeah, that’s what i like that’s what i like ~ ergh this songs by Bruno Mars stuck in my head like forever. So hows your 2017 so far? still climbing the hill? or you already on a roller coaster ride? am still waiting for my adventure to come and i just can’t wait for my upcoming trip! woohoo~ Let me be honest, I almost hit thirty. Nothing much happens in the past 29 years. You know what i want to do if am still in 20’s? am not saying that i regret because not doing it but more to feel like i didn’t prepare my self to be this far, but yeah at least i do it before i reached where i am today.


I will open one account for my travel, one for property and one for my wedding and and one for my future just in case that suddenly i want to use it for anything. and perhaps bank account in other country too.


Did you know when you travel more when you are in 20’s you gotta meet a lot of people and make new friends around the globe. And not end up being single right now. LOL

3.WORK HARDER (werk werk werk werk werk)

Gain more knowledge, get more skills upgrade, get all the classes that i wanted to attend. and get more experience to build my own business because i was blind with money, so i work and spend. i should just learn how to do business. run a business is not easy. should start early.

It’s a lil bit of my thought and what i wanted to have if i can turned back time. At the end of the day, it’s you that create your own path and go through with it. #youcandoanything

May angels come across your weekend!


How to know when it’s time to leave your job – and where to go next

Hello guys, i can’t help it just to share with you this article, i think is important to me, thought is important to you as well. Thank you Katya!

by Katya Andresen

SVP Card Customer Experience at Capital One

Someone recently asked me how you know when it’s time for a professional change. We were talking about the twists and turns in my own career, and she asked, “How did you know each choice was best decision and the right time?” The short answer is that I was never fully certain – how could I be, before I moved into a new role and experienced it over time – but on the edge of each change, I was always both excited and afraid. Excitement told me I had a stirring interest in what’s next, and a bit of fear told me it would be a challenge (which was a good thing).

Some choices worked out fantastically well and others were far less than perfect. But all of them taught me something important. That’s the merit of change – it holds lessons the status quo never could. I think that’s why I’m glad for the times I took action, wherever it led.

Most regrets in life are those of inaction. I recently read interviews with Fortune’s 50 Most Powerful Women, and they were asked about the best and worst decisions they’d made in their careers. It was striking that none of them said they regretted a change – Heidi Miller’s regret was staying in one role too long – unless it was a change that wasn’t big enough. That resonates with my own experience. I don’t regret the leaps I made as much as the larger ones I didn’t.

I’m not advocating change for change’s sake. Nor am I a fan of recklessness. But I do believe in bold reflection. So in that spirit, here are a few lessons I’ve learned about doing deep thinking to decide what’s next.

If you’re asking the question, you have an answer.

If you are often asking yourself if it’s time to move on, you know one thing for sure: you are craving change. You have an answer – if not THE answer. Maybe it’s time for a new job. Or maybe your instinct is an urge for a new challenge or different set of colleagues in your current role. Whatever the instinct, don’t ignore it. Pay attention to your persistent questions. Some vital part of you has outgrown your current circumstances, and it is trying to engage you in an important exploration.

At times, I’ve done some mighty mental gymnastics to ignore the nagging questions in the back of my mind. I’ve convinced myself I “need stability” or should “play it safe.” These rational machinations never succeeded in making me satisfied. I found myself more and more drained rather than energized by my work. It was always better to invite the inner conversation and see where it led.

This thinking is hard. Sometimes you’ll need to turn to people around you for guidance. This can be very helpful, especially if those people share principles that have been useful in framing their own thinking. But watch out for overly prescriptive advice based on others’ preconceptions about what is your best career path. Good advisers inform – not dictate – your thinking. Be honest about what feels right for you. They can’t hear your inner voice – the one that might be secretly disappointed with their recommendation. Pay as much attention to your reactions to their advice as to the advice itself. That can tell you a lot about what’s in your heart.

Follow your curiosity.

One great tool in deciding what should be next is to focus on your curiosity rather than your boredom with the status quo. What in your work – or in life – makes you curious? Listen to that impetus and follow that instinct. For example, I’m endlessly curious about people and what makes them tick – which led me to jobs across many different fields. In recent years, I’ve spent much of my free time reading about creativity, psychology and behavioral economics. I could spend all day learning more about these things. That curiosity has guided me to look for roles focused on deeply understanding people and uncovering the implications for product innovation and business challenges. This makes my work endlessly interesting to me, and so I am more productive and successful in what I do.

What sparks your curiosity and what does that say about you? I find this far more useful a question than “What is your burning professional passion?” The wonderful Elizabeth Gilbert puts it this way:

“Passion is a tower of flame, but curiosity is a tiny tap on the shoulder — a little whisper in the ear that says, ‘Hey, that’s kind of interesting…’ Curiosity is therefore a lot easier to reach at at times than full-on passion — and the stakes are lower, easier to manage. The trick is to just follow your small moments of curiosity. It doesn’t take a massive effort. Just turn your head an inch. Pause for a instant. Respond to what has caught your attention. Look into it a bit. Is there something there for you? A piece of information? For me, a lifetime devoted to creativity is nothing but a scavenger hunt — where each successive clue is another tiny little hit of curiosity. Pick each one up, unfold it, see where it leads you next. Small steps. Keep doing that, and I promise you: The curiosity will eventually lead you to the passion.”

I realize not all of us are fortunate enough to have the luxury to decide whether to leave a job. We may be laid off or underemployed and discouraged. If we’re searching in vain, I find curiosity can be a good way to find new avenues to explore beyond the paths that are leading nowhere.

Pay attention to the people.

For me, my colleagues matter above all else. A dream job wouldn’t be a dream job if I had to work with horrible people. If I break down my waking hours during the work week, I spend more time with coworkers than with my family and best friends. So it’s deeply important that I work in an environment that is constructive, with people who bring out my best. Above all, I came to my current job because of how much I liked the culture, my colleagues and leaders. Over the years, I’ve learned the hard way that it’s paramount to focus not only on what is the job but whom it’s with. If you’re thinking about leaving your job, is it the job or your colleagues that have generated your desire for change – and what does that tell you about where to go next?

Run to, not from.

Dissatisfaction with the status quo is a good reason to consider a professional change – but it’s not a reason to take a new job. Focus on running toward an opportunity more than fleeing a current situation. You want to make sure that what’s ahead is better than what you’re longing to leave behind.

One useful tool is to make a list of what you most want in a new role. My list has changed over the years, but at the top is usually an opportunity to stretch myself beyond where I’m comfortable, a leader and colleagues who knock my socks off, and a deep curiosity about the subject matter. Then I force myself to evaluate opportunities against my list. This has caused me to decline some job offers that looked very good on paper, even when I was ready to leave my current role. I was always glad later that I had the patience for the right big thing.

As Sallie Krawcheck says, wait for the fat pitch.

Know what matters most, because it won’t change.

Another reason that list is important is it protects us against future bias. As Ayelet Fishbach wrote in the New York Times yesterday, we tend to embark on job searches with a focus on salaries and titles and forget the everyday, intrinsic factors of “office morale and doing work that is interesting and fun.”

“Why are people fully aware that present benefits are important in their current job, and yet expect not to care about those benefits in the future? … A basic instinct from behavioral science is that people care about the present mainly in the present. They do not really care about it in advance… We fail to recognize that the person we are in the present – the one who values intrinsic benefits – is awfully similar to the person we will be in the future.”

In other words, when considering change, don’t just think of the points of arrival and departure. Take into account the journey ahead, once you accept a new role. Think about whether you will like living it, day by day. Listen carefully to the voice that is wondering if you should try something new. Know that it isn’t simply asking for a switch. It’s seeking the greater experience of what comes after the change is made.

Page 21 over 365

Good Morning Saturday,

Hope is not too late to wish you guys a very happy new year 2017! how was your year so far? As am writing today, it’s already 21 days over. So what more you waiting for peeps, lets embrace our 2017.

As you all know, 21st January 2017 is Donald Trump first presidential inauguration. I would like to wish him congratulations and all the best America! I hope you still allow us to apply your Visa 🙂

It’s been awhile i left wordpress, but it doesn’t mean i didn’t read all my other lovely bloggers page. You all are awesome, you guys write good content, posted beautiful photos from around the world, and please don’t stop being one. And yeah, kudos to my readers and reviewers who always make me to keep on writing. Impress with my stats currently. Thank you!

So from my previous post about the being imperfection, i bring myself slowly towards that idea, surprisingly i feel good about it even though am not use to it at first. An experienced that i would love to share was, unplanned road trip. Remember i felt so down when our trip to Bali was cancel, after done so much researched, mentally and physically prepared for that trip, i cannot accept the fact that how much struggled i have to go through, money that i have to burned just like that. I recovered a few months after that, when i was thinking yes i should go with the flow. I still remember when I turned down my friends who are actually asking me with traveling, am so sorry guys, i don’t mean it. Because am not ready to go through it again. For a start, i went for a unplanned roadtrip last year when i was clearing my leaves. I feel good bout it, and it went well. I love the way it is, when you actually wake up from bed, and thinking to go somewhere nice, so i don’t want to be delayed, i get dressed and ready to drive! It’s an amazing feelings when you actually came back safely and said to myself, “see, you can do this, you don’t need to plan everything in  your life, sometimes things just go with the flow” 🙂

2017, it’s the time to wake my travelling bug inside me again! no time to be down with what was happens, leave it to the past. Am ready to roll this year, been planning to some places, and some events. Lets rock!





New life motto : Perfection is boring

Hello Earthlings, I don’t know why i keep using this “Earthlings” word from time to time, it seems really nice to say. So how are you? Good? Great? Don’t know? I feel really lost, i don’t know what to do when i have this one kind of feeling. Not until i talked to my friend about it. And i feel a bit calm, so that i can get proper sleep. Sigh.

And now lets talk about how to make yourself more interesting than before, I know at work, we’re distracted by projects, our bosses and our co-workers. Often, we build relationship with these people, and they soon become part of our extra-curricular lives. We eat lunch with them, go to happy hour with them and let them into our lives. But not all the time, you know i wont allowed that to be happen. It will be very boring to have that right.

Then, we have our group of friends. They’re the ones we eat ice cream with after a breakup, coffee on the cuddle weather, cakes on certain times of the year. Everything about catch up session.

On top of this, we have our family whom we love to spend time with, and if that isn’t enough, we’re also trying to balance a life with a significant other. Which am not really sure where is my significant other is.

When placed in such a hectic life, one often gets too caught up to have “me” time. If you’re someone who hasn’t had “me” time in a long time, let me give you a couple reasons it is imperative to find the time to be alone. Which i think i enjoy “me” time much.

1. Get stuff done.

We are the generation of procrastination. We love to wait until the last minute to pay for our parking tickets, and we hit the snooze button 10 times because who needs to blow dry their hair before work, right? LOL

When you dedicate time for yourself to be alone and get shit done, miracles start to happen.

All of a sudden, you’re not on your last pair of socks before you are forced to do laundry. You’re not squeezing the last bit of toothpaste before you get yourself to make a trip to the grocery store.

Unfamiliar? Sure, but exciting? Hell yes.

You’re actually getting your to-do list done, and it feels damn good. Once you start checking things off and discover how one day is full of opportunities to take care of your own shit, you’ll become addicted.

2. Get to know yourself.

All right, if getting shit done didn’t convince you, here is something that will.

When was the last time you discovered something new about yourself? And I don’t mean that new favorite coffee at the cute little cafe you just found makes. I mean something of value.

Do you paint? Write? Care to learn a new language? Don’t know?

Then why haven’t you taken the time to find out. Within all of us, there are hidden talents. Sure, you might not be the next Michelangelo, but if you gain a love for guitar playing, isn’t that something?

You don’t have to change the world to change yourself, and there is a lot you can gain from getting to know who you are. How else will you ever get involved with someone else if you have no idea who you are entirely as a person, as a whole?

As all you know, getting to know yourself is getting to love yourself.

3. Get to love yourself.

We live in a world where we aren’t what we “post” to be. Hiding behind filters, carefully chosen characters, emojis and screens, we’re no longer as raw and open as we once were, as our parents were forced to be.

No one Instagrams the hardships, only the success and sometimes even the pretend success. We are living in an era where we are losing ourselves in social media. We’re getting lost in likes, gaining confidence in empty compliments.

So, who are you? Once you discover this, you’re home free. Like I said, getting to know yourself is getting to love yourself. And what better love story than self-love?

Besides, once you fall in love with yourself and truly appreciate your solitude, you’ll think twice about whom you’re spending your time with. Not saying that am being demanding or choosy. But yeah, that’s life. It’s the beauty of self-love. As it evolves and grows, you get pickier with your surroundings, setting yourself up for success and nothing less.

So love yourself peeps, cheers!

Considering Solo Travel For The First Time? Here’s What You Need To Know


Travelling alone for the first time can be a really daunting experience.

It seems like every day, whether it be by email, blog comment or an in-person conversation, I hear the following questions and comments.

“How do you like travelling alone? Aren’t you scared? Don’t you get lonely? You must be so brave. I could never do that. I would love to travel, but I have nobody to go with and am too scared to do it alone.”

The truth is, solo travel truly is my preferred way to see the world. I love having the freedom that comes with travelling independently, I have a healthy sense of awareness but try not to be overly fearful, I never get lonely and I really do think that going it alone makes you more likely to meet locals, try new things, make new friends and go completely outside your comfort zone – in the best way.


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Good Morning Sunshine! Can you feel Friday vibes? yeah because for us in Malaysia we going to celebrate a Malaysia Day tomorrow which fall on every 16 September and it’s a public holiday. So Friday feel indeed. How’s your morning going? good? I had breakfast this morning with mother and what else you could ask for. I feel blessed. On the other thing, I always have this thought keep on running on my mind. You know am always scared. You know i always think i might mess things up. You know i would rather take off running the other way round than letting someone in close enough to hurt me.

It takes a lot to be the type of person i am today. I believe in love so much, yet i also fear of it. I understand, i respect, and even i know the power it has over people when you do get it right. And that’s what scares me. Am afraid of something i don’t have any control over.

Am afraid of letting someone in. Am afraid they are gonna find out everything about me and they’re gonna take off. So i beat them too it. I always think it’s easier to run from love than let someone love me. It’s taken me this long to learn to love myself. Those voices inside my head that tell me, am not gonna make it this time around again deserve to be silenced.

I know i question love as much as i believe in it. But at least i should know i deserve it. I deserve love more than anyone i know. I am someone who loves so deeply and sometimes i wonder where that even come from. How can a heart that has known so much pain and sadness love others so deeply? How can a face I know has cried so many tears late at night smile and make everyone else’s life brighter? How are you not defeated? How do you still give others hope?

I over analyze things because i know at any moment someone’s mind can change. Because its happened. So i try and prepare for those types of things. I look for the warning signs so heartbreak doesn’t come as such a shock. I get to these dead ends time and time again and i think the common factors is myself.

But i’ll come to learn one day everything is going to make sense. Always think that the grass is always greener on the other side, and moving forward with positive mind. Even though there is no confirmation in the future, but at least i put trust on HIM.

I do hope and pray to meet someone that i know he will not run, if he does he will never leave me behind because i do know and realize am not surrounded with crown of light.

#now playing Beyoncé – Halo