Toujours Skin Pure Collagen Dust

Toujours Pure Collagen Dust

BTW, am not selling this collagen. I just do the updates and review so that you guys (yes..guys can take it too!) know how does it works.

Its been 4 days taking this, I can feel the diff. But just do not quote me on these thing. I think it is actually depends on each skin. So, might be not working for you guys and vice versa. But there is no harm in trying right πŸ™‚

The reason I would like to try this product is that yes, I would love to have a flawless skin. A glowing skin too!I think is time for me to take care of my skin and my youth body. Take care yourself from within. Next would be the other supplement baby!

I love this product, no more oil on my face when I woke up every morning. At night rite before I go to bed, I will sprinkle a little and blend it with my Simple soft moisturizer and spread it onto my face. It will leave just a thin layer of gel. But please beware, this product smells. Yes. It will give out a some sort of a fishy smell but not for so long. So if you do not like the smell, you need a nose clipper. Hehe

And last but not least, am not just apply it on my face but am drinkin it. Sprinkle it, no no no, a small tea spoon would be enough πŸ™‚ drinkin it with a chill drinks. Wallah!you will see the result in just a few weeks maybe. I really hope so!

Will keep you update on this πŸ™‚


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