Super Massive Stress

Going through an incredibly hectic and stressful traffic jammed, and many other commitment including taking care of myself. I know all this stress can cause many types of diseases and be the cause of depression. The good news is, my food intake can help ward off this feeling and can be a stress reliever which I didn’t realize it. I think this is the 6 things I can munch on to help you get back in a good mood.

1. Fish (No way!I hate fish. I don’t like the taste and the smell of the fish and so does the skin. I can’t help it. But wait a minute, I can have tuna sandwich, keropok leko and sata-but it contains oil, fish and chips too!Absolutely there must be other way that i can still have my fish)

2. Pasta and Brown Rice ( Yeayy!perfect. Having a pasta is one of my favorite. So I have no problem with that. Me love spaghetti, fettuccine, macaroni in any kind of sauce you name it. Bolognese, Cabonara, Olio, Pesto. And yes brown rice, our family really do take care of each other that’s why we have Beras Faiza…… but I don’t remember the name of the rice.hahaha

3. Milk (Me and milk cannot be separate. Am the milk hunger)

4. Fruits (Mango!the first name pop up from my mind once you said fruits 🙂 I love Mango sooooo much. Even my boyfie knows that!we keep having a mango juice anywhere we go.  My Mr boyfie love berries, so keep eating and drinking it up love. Not just for the stress reliever but its healthy. And another one is Durian. But I believe Durian contain a lot of gas and high in sugar level. Mr Banana is always there at home cuz daddy’s favorite)

5. Beef (Me love it. Especially lamb meat!But please cut out the excess fat. Keep a healthy balance of the meat you eat.)

6. Almonds (I just remember how much I love almonds so much. I had it with honey. Its yummy! I really felt healthy)

So from now on , I’ll alert with my food. I keep having stress everyday. I don’t know how to keep it low. Now I know!


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