Short Escape

3 days and 2 nights is not enough. It was short yet luxury and sweet. All happened on weekdays. That’s all I’ve been wanted. A vacation with no hectic surrounding. Image


View from the resort lobby. Taken at Ri-Yaz Heritage Resort, Pulau Duyong, Kuala Terengganu.Image


Meet my best buddies Ain Radhi & Nadia Halim (Donut). Taken at the Turtle Alley, Kg Cina, Kuala Terengganu.


Its from our room.

Ri-Yaz Heritage Resort & Spa was an exotic coveted getaway, Ri-Yaz Heritage Marina Resort & Spa offers a unique five-star boutique paradise located in Pulau Duyong, Kuala Terengganu. The resort is set in it’s own secluded surrounding which offers a tranquil ambiance, well appointed accommodation and exciting sailing facilities. Which i can’t get over it till now.


Well, gonna have more more short vacations to come. Adios!


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