The Lil Occasions 1

Good morning everyone, hope everything goes well like how you wanted to. Just wanna share with you guys girls out there some pictures I’ve been taken on special occasions like the title above.

I am very sure all of you wanted to do the things that you love to do. The job that you love and the work that you are interested in. As for me, I’ve been thought about this for a long time. I am really sick and tired of doing my current job that doesn’t have a satisfaction. I wanna do the things that I love. I mean the stuff that I am interested in. Where I can see myself fell in love with flowers, colors, ocean breeze, the beach, a gift, artsy, a hand made stuff and love making people feel happy and smile πŸ™‚ and absolutely I love plans. I wanna become a planner. An event planner. A wedding planner perhaps. Let me show you some of my lil occasions I been plan before for my friends and families.

1. Sabrina’s 12th Surprised Birthday.



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