Raya Cookies 2013

Raya Cookies 2013

Raya raya raya! There is no Raya without Raya cookies on top of your tea table. Lame. Why don’t you put something else like ice cream or maybe popcorn?ahaks Well that’s how you celebrate Raya and welcome your guess and you feel the Raya absolutely!

Now let me share with you some Raya cookies that will be famous this year.

1. Red velvet cookies (definitely red in color)
2. Lemon almond cookies (taste like lemonade maybe)
3. Semperit oreo cookies (a lil touch of American. anyone?)
4. Lidah Kuching cookies (Cat’s Tongue?)
5. Raspberry prune layer cookies (interesting)

Sooooo, all the top list is there. Try first before you buy. My mum best choice of Raya cookies this year is Almond Biscotti. Love you mummy!So westernize.

Mummy raya cookies this year!

Mummy raya cookies this year!Cranberry Almond Biscotti

If you are still looking for homemade chocolate chip cookies for this coming festive, refer below for my recommended. The best cookies so far!Am so excited to share as this 3 girls were my friends back in uni. Happy selecting!

1. Vanillalola by Syazana Hanapi

100pcs : RM 45
50pcs : RM 26

contact  :

013 3045 085


2. Chirpy Cake by Nurul Izni

RM 20/container

contact :

012 2612 825(whatsapp/sms)


3. It Girl by Aliazul

♥Packet (40 pieces) :RM8 only!
♥Plastic container (70 pieces) :RM18 only!

M&M’s Nutella Cookies & Chocolate Chips

contact :

018 217 4158



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