26 Years After

Today is who I am now. Syukur Alhamdulliah am still alive with a bless of GOD. Say hello to the new number ๐Ÿ™‚ not lesser but wiser. Yesterday 31st July 2013 was awesome. Had a great day! Me and boyfie went to The Curve, Mutiara Damansara. Its our usual place the most favorite one than Pavillion. The place where celebrity chill out. We saw Shah (Actor), Rita Rudaini (Actress) and Leya (Radio DJ). retis sangat!

We actually arrived quite early. We went to Ikea first to shop some new Raya stuff. So we had our Iftar at the Garden Restaurant later. This is what we ordered :-





Its Salmon thingy for boyfie. For your information am not fancy of fish. So a big no no for me. But the gravy quite nice. Presentation SUPERB!



Boyfie favourite one. We share this Beef bacon spaghetti cabonara. Delicious and its really nice but I cant take it too much so muak. I think the spaghettiย absorb the cabonara sauce. hihiย 


Mine, mine, mine!Turkey rissoles. The best so far. It comes with baked potatoes, mini sweet tomatoes, broccoli and I dunno what sauce is that. Cant describe it. I love it sooo much.


and finally for our chill out session, we went to Starbucks for coffee!We had Choconana cake and Caramel Frap. People don’t get the cake. It taste veryyyyyy like a cheap cake. Is just like a bahulu cake. What a name. Basically its a banana, coconut and caramel with chocolate cake. From what we learn as a Starbucks lover, all Starbucks cake is a disaster. They don’t taste nice. But is all up to you, you value it but not for us.

Finally, enjoy other pictures at The Curve, Mutiara Damansara as how they decorate Raya festival at their own way and not to forget what I received on my Birthday!Thank you mummy, ayah and Cinta for the precious gift. And all my friends with their warm wishes. Love ya all.

PABILA RAYA MENJELMA -End of story-Image

ย ย 


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