The Lil Occasions 5

Hello Good day peeps!

πŸ˜€ a big smile to start my day today. My colleague just did something funny by sending a wrong email and forward it to everyone. Azlan i think you just made everyone’s day today!Happy Monday πŸ™‚

Well continue from my last lil occasions which my sister Panda Surprised Party, today am going to share with you another occasions for my 2 girlfriends. A Bachelorette Party as we named it

5. “FINAL FLING BEFORE THE RING” for Intan Nadiana & AfidahΒ 


It happen on 25th of May 2013 as you can review it from the e-invitations on top. I start with the custom design, forward it to the top list of girlfriends and wallah!6 girls came up for the party. A team of 4 made this lil occasions awesomely successful πŸ™‚Β Thank you too the team, Sarah, Farah, Hazwani and Me. Enjoy the scene below :-


As you can see the theme was pink, as long there is a pink it should be fine so i wore a gray v-neck tshirt with a lil pink color scarf and a black leggings. To my 2 girlfriends Intan & Afidah was with a lil crown on top (off with the head) hahaha They both was sooooo surprised with it till they cry out πŸ™‚ To both, Congratulations on your wedding and happy till Jannah. They already married on the same month which on June 2013. Best friends forever!That’s all for now, will update my new new lil occasions soon πŸ™‚ have a great day girlfriends!

xo, Fatin Zakaria


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