Women, Failure, Expectations

Women, Failure, Expectations

Good Morning All Gorgeous Women in the World,

Let me introduce myself before I start. I am a 26 years old women that is not married yet, working as a senior executive in a media specialist company here in Malaysia. Am staying with my parents due to my lil brother and sister busy working and studying at different states around Malaysia. As I am busy with my life working and living to achieve my dreams, I can tell you my dad and my brother love me, they support my back and I can guarantee they respect all of women out there. I am so proud to be a women, as we celebrate Women Day in Malaysia yesterday 25th of August 2013. Respect Women and protect them.

Just wanted to share with you the perception on women in a relationship. Women are crazy, but we all already knew that. We are irrational, can’t use common sense and don’t have the basic logic inherent to the other gender. We make decisions based off our emotions because we are too hard to control, which sometimes has us saying, “What the hell we are thinking?”

To make matters worse, we can’t have unemotional sex and decide to cry when things don’t go our way. Women are like your grown-up Rubix cubes, it’s just impossible to figure us out.

What women want is quite difficult to explain because it doesn’t exist. We want a perfect man, yet we are not even perfect our self. We will lose our looks by the time we are 26, so why should we be so lucky to get the better end of the bargain?

We want our Duke graduate who has a master’s degree in whatever, and a minor in whatever, we want our guy that wears a suit everyday, we want a man who spends his winters in St. Barts and summers in the French Riviera — and we want a man who will bend over backwards for us, taking us to Broadway shows, yoga and even having high tea at the Plaza. We want all that nonsense and then some.

Women nowadays are looking for secure futures; we want the guy with a lot of potential, the guy that’s on his way up so we can be the Beyoncé to his Jay-Z. We are looking for safe and secure bets and we think that the way to go is with the man with the best, hair, degree, suit and business card. I have been in the situation myself and I have friends that have gone through it as well.

For us, the grass was greener on the other side, and while we are breaking up with our guy, we are crying, and not because we feel bad for hurting them…but because we actually feel stupid for doing it and not realize it from the early stages. We feel we failed our self for not making it great relationship. Women are constantly on the hunt: for that better guy, the best guy and the perfect guy.

The truth is most men are lazy. When they are not working, hanging out with their friends or playing sports, they just want to sleep and do nothing. They don’t want to make any extra effort for a female, but they will do the bare minimum for her if they do really like us — and why not? All that brings is some happiness.

Men like being lazy with a girl, they like lying in bed all day and doing nothing, yet we constantly complain that they never want to do anything and we always want to be active. That is when the bickering usually starts, and that is when she thinks she needs a man who is just as active and as ambitious as she is.

Women are insecure, we like to compete with our friends, and we would rather die than see our friends end up with a better guy than we have. At least a friend of mine still doing this.

One of the biggest issues is perception. The way men look at a relationship and the way women look at it are two different things. Men see it as simply convenient, easy and enjoyable, whereas women see it as a stepping stone for our “future.”

Every relationship goes stale at one point, and men look at it as an opportunity to cheat, so we do so, but women walk away when it gets stale because they feel bored and are unsure what they want the rest of their lives to be like — this so they go and test new waters. But the devil you know is always better than the devil you don’t.

So men please do respect women no matter how old she is, no matter how ambitious she is, no matter how ugly or pretty she is, no matter how stupid or genius she is, always think of your mom if you are ever wanted to think bad or differently about us. We love our self, we love our men and we respect them.

xo, F.


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