8 years with me

8 years with me

Hello sad Thursday,

I just lost my favorite comfortable flip flop. She died around 9:30pm last night. I was so sad and very frustrating with myself. If am not wearing it when i went to the post box, it will not happened. Sad is the feeling that i have now. But am still hope its just the flip flop that can switch straps. you heard about it right? *sigh* she got the sentimental value in it. I bought her somewhere around 2006 at Ipanema warehouse sale and it last till yesterday. It was superb!She’s the best. I bring her along no matter where i go. Even though am not fancy an open slipper or sandals or even a flip flop but she’s being the best. My Ipanema flip flops being with me all this while and i will feel lost when she’s not here anymore. I don’t know what am going to use after this. Am afraid to buy a new one, fear of pain and suffer due to ugly face. urgh! But i will always remember her forever. Shes been the best on the last 8 years with me.

-RIP Ipanema Tropical Flip Flop-


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