Read : Lelaki Eksistensial

Lelaki Eksistensial

Selamat Pagi!

First of all, thank you to Shariffj who lend me his book with this title. This is my first time reading a bahasa Malaysia written, our mother tongue. My last time was in school maybe on my primary or secondary school. Not remember. Such an independent book and urban kind of story in Malaysia. This is good actually. Easy reading for those need a light story. Even though am not sure what exactly the definition of the title. But happy reviewing!

The book talk about one guys life with his 4 girlfriends. He had affairs , sex, dating all at one time. Am amazed with this guy. Not to say he is good or whatever after he do all this flirting part with alot of girls. I know this is bad right because he is a malay guy with bad past, good qualifications, educated and great when tackling girls. Not to talk bout his relationship, but talk about his knowledge that he get from the past experienced and he still learning while his alive. He read books and indie film that does’t come out to cinema and he really had a good taste in music. And the main point in this book telling you what is this guy want and need in his life actually. He didn’t reach his satisfaction yet that’s what he told. For me he got what he want already. Am not sure about his look. But he mentioned that his not really good looking with a six packs body. But still he got so many girls attached. He got house in the gated area, hes driving a Volkswagen Polo, he got money, he got very bright future with his job as an editor at first, a tutor now as a managing director, he can cook and and and he remember all the important dates like anniversary,birthday and so on. This guy is really, i can’t imagine this in real life. Too perfect to lies. Here are some keywords that he always use in the guided of his life (Karl Marx, Communist, and Darwin Theory) like what he said he got this “Five Golden Rules”. I know this is insane, but when you really focus on it all this actually happen to all of us. Am not gonna tell more of this story. So grab them and explore yourself. And caution this is not base on true story. Maybe just look alike.

Please read the product description carefully.

Mengisahkan tentang seorang yang tidak dinyatakan namanya, seorang kasanova dengan kekasih-kekasihnya. Ciri-ciri kekasihnya berbeza antara satu sama lain tetapi menjurus kepada seorang gadis – gadis di zaman persekolahannya yang menolak cintanya dulu. Mereka bertemu kembali lalu mencetus banyak persoalan eksistensial dalam diri.

So i hope you getting excited after reading it. Like I use to do it before. But am more to the visual on the front cover that make me wanna read the book. With a nice looking cover and exciting tittle. By the way, if you love to read this kind of book like really modern urban malay(thats what i thought) feel free to shop online at Lejen Press Shop :-

Lejen Press

#12G, Jalan SS15/8B,

47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor

They have a lot more books on life, affairs and love etc. Hope you enjoy your Friday!


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