Only some bad apples in the taxi industry

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I feel a little bit unwell today, a lil bit of flu and dizzy on the head, hoping everyone is in good condition. I know am a little bit late for this additional reporting by Nor Ain Mohamed Radhi, NewStraitsTime on 24 August 2013, but is not too late to share with you guys. Nor Ain Mohamed Radhi is my best buddy ever. Well we met and we start to get attached since Uni time. UiTM Puncak Perdana it is. We had the same E class in Diploma, then we continue study but in different path. She took Majoring in Journalism while am in Advertising.  And we still keep in touch till now. I love her so much!

And there she is a famous journalist today 🙂 So she pick me and Era (Wan Zuhairah Wan Zainus) which we’re quite close too back in Uni for her previous assignment regarding a bad Taxi Industry. Check out the valuable contents and spread the love ya’ll! You can find this article on NST newspaper, 24 August 2103 or just visit their online portal at

Additional reporting by Nor Ain Mohamed Radhi

KUALA LUMPUR: While there is only a small group of errant taxi drivers, commuters are adamant that bad service is becoming a worrying trend.

Some commuters told Streets that it is common, especially in the city centre, to encounter taxi drivers who refuse to use the meter.

They said, however, they would still board the taxi as their destination was sometimes not accessible by other modes of public transport.

They urge the authorities to carry out frequent checks on hot spots where taxi drivers tend to fleece customers.

Here’s what they have to say:

Radzi Mohamad, 20, undergraduate, Ampang Jaya:

“The common excuses given by these drivers are the traffic congestion or that they won’t be able to get passengers on their return journey. Because of that, I avoid hanging out at these places and only frequent places where it’s easy to get taxis or better still, near an LRT station as my home is also near one.

“The authorities should vet applicants to ensure their eligibility before issuing them taxi licences.”

Hamimah Hashim, 30, self-employed, Puchong:

“Although I own a car, I would sometimes take a taxi to deliver cakes to my customers, especially those living in areas where parking is a problem. I used to pay a flat rate. Now, I only board metered taxi. I’ve learned to plan my journey, especially the timing, and avoid hailing cabs in areas where taxi drivers refuse to use the meter.

Fatin Zakaria, 26 (picture), Subang Jaya:


“I resorted to taking the bus after I was once charged RM25 for a taxi ride from the Subang Jaya KTM station to Sunway Pyramid last year.

“When I asked the driver why it was so expensive, he said that it was a standard fare if we boarded a taxi at the KTM station. I had no choice as I could not wait for the bus anymore since I was already late for work.

“Since then I make it a point to wake up early to avoid taking the taxi.”

Mohd Najib Mohd Noh, 28, marketing executive, Shah Alam:

“I was once asked RM50 for a trip from KLCC to the Putra bus station.

“The driver refused to use the meter, saying it was peak hours, but charging RM50 was a cutthroat deal. When I tried to negotiate the price, his friends looked at me as if I did something wrong.

“I then crossed the road and hailed another taxi whose driver also refused to use the meter but charged me slightly cheaper at RM30.

“While heading to my destination, the cabbie told me that the taxi rate is no longer relevant as the economy is not doing well and he has five children to feed.

“I’ve also come across taxi drivers who would round up the fare. Let’s say, if the fare is RM8.40 for the trip, they would ask me to pay RM9.

“Despite the frequent operations against errant cabbies, they have not changed.”

Wan Zuhairah Wan Zainus, 26 (picture), customer service executive from Cyberjaya:


“I have encountered taxi drivers who refused to send me, especially during peak hours. Some of them would take me if I agreed to pay a little more. Usually, they would charge me from an extra of RM5 onwards.

“However, I have to admit that not all taxi drivers are bad. Only some of them.”

Mainon Samingan, 53, taxi driver:

“The public should not assume that all the taxi drivers are the same.

“Only some of them are bad apples. Trust me, you can always find good taxi drivers around.

“My advice to passengers before boarding is to ask the taxi driver to use the meter.”

Mohd Noor, Taxi driver (full name withheld):

“It’s difficult to curb this problem. However, the authorities should focus on hot spots where drivers blatantly overcharge passengers. I normally service the Cheras area and although I use a meter, I don’t have any issue with cabbies who don’t as they don’t disturb us, unlike those I have heard of in other areas.

“What I don’t understand is why enforcement officers from the Land Public Transport Commission frequently check on us at the Bandar Tasik Selatan LRT station where I normally drop off and pick up passengers when they know that we use the meter.

“Such operations inconvenience not only us but also commuters, especially during peak hours when people are rushing to go home.

“The officers should instead go to places with a lot of complaints of drivers not using the meter and haggling with passengers.”

Read more: Only some bad apples in the taxi industry – Central – New Straits Times


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