Define DEMOTIVATE. make (someone) less eager to work or study.
Hello all, hope everyone is good out there chilling, working, reading, resting, sleeping and whatever. My mode on *demotivated* today. I feel like am a loser. Being late to work with a busted parking space with a freaking hot weather and the sun shine early this morning. All i hope today was for my gtalk mail from some kind of job search engine pop out ” hey you are the best candidate and we would like to offer you work at our best company in the world, you can start your work on bla bla bla” . Forget bout it Fatin, am not even get any of the interview from any big either small like really cikai company. That’s really sux. And the best part of what demotivated me was, I don’t feel comfortable what am wearing today. Yes is a new shirt where i like it alot  and finally ive bought it. BUT, am getting fatter! i cant believed that am feel that am soooooo freaking fat. I look fat in this shirt, and i feel like my button will come out anytime if am not pin it up right away. gosh!than i can really fit my favorite jeans nicely. I have to jump up and down to get in. What is just happen to me!It turn my confident level down. really down. I realize this when last weekend i try to fit in my baju kurung for wedding but noooooo i cant get in and at last am wearing my black jubah. How scary right. And I have a new hair cut where i cut it short. Some people like it, thanks to those for your positive comments, i take that as compliments, but some just told me straight to my face “you look chubby, you look bigger, i think you shouldn’t cut your hair, i think you look good in long hair, what happen to you?”. Okay, i just feel like am doing a bad decisions on all this. I know people always told me that don’t listen to what they said, they are just bringing you down. But sometimes i have this negative vibes in me. Always, till i don’t know how to get rid of it. I have to do something with all of my body and the rest of all people talking bout my changes. So i decide not to talk and walk around the office today, but too bad i have to walk a lil bit far to the back to get to my car today. And checking out website, article regarding “how to motivate the demotivate” scroll up and down roll my eyes from left to right. Yes, i think i might come up with other idea which jog every morning before i go to work. YES, PLEASE DO THIS FATIN!
And am just about to go back, had a lil chat with my colleagues Pam just now, she very keen to try a new recipe on this website  Pam is this kind of girl who really avoid eating red or white meat and prefer more vegies in any kind of process daily. I check this website out, and ya really interesting food and delicious dessert and all. I think this might change my way of eating after this. You might want to try one of those recipe on the website actually after you view it. And i might end up live healthily after this. what do you think? good body shape, no extra fat and be confident all the time with my comfortable outfit of the day.
Hope ill success with one of the recipe tomorrow for my breakfast!Will update it tomorrow!. Happy trying!
 Good morning! As promised i bring my oats in a jar. Have a look.
There you go. Get the jar somewhere in mummy’s glass cupboard. Thanks mummy!The ingredients was Quaker Oats, Honey, banana & mango slices, peanut butter jam and finally add some almond to feel the crunchiness. But you have to soak the oats overnight and keep in the fridge. And this is what you get!Maybe you can have this for your delicious healthy breakfast. Thank you Pam!I start my day today as a positive person on earth ever.
Happy trying and hope all of you have a lovely day!
xo, f.

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