Don’t Scared Me

Happy Fly day all.Β 

I was so surprised this morning when my other half called and we talk about marriage. No wait. You know how i felt? Am scared. Is this really happening to me?I know he is just planning a few more years to go, but what is this?is this getting serious?okay just forget about this aite. Make me feel like i need to do this do that save here and there. Am i supposed to worry?am i supposed to make a decision?is just complicated! nooooooo 😦

After a few hours later my colleague Azlan, he is in creative team. He just randomly asking me, what are you proud of bout yourself?straightly answered, i have nothing to proud about. Is just sux right?Gosh. I am nothing. I am just ordinary girl who has finish studies, go on convocation twice, a degree holder, got my first job and still standing here, i get payment every month, still driving my first car, still staying with my parents and working like a chipmunk. Nothing much to talk bout. Is just me like there is no different from anybody else. And you know what Azlan told me?we have to be proud of our self. He just do some research and randomly asked. With what we have and appreciate things in front of us, and that all little tiny things make us grow stronger each day. All this things that we have now make us happy so we have to be proud of our self and that shows you ‘bersyukur be grateful.Β 

Yes, what he said is all true. But maybe certain people think different way. Like i did. Maybe my parents proud of me, my siblings does too, i don’t know. Maybe. But from my point of view, i need to be different from anybody. All of us can finish their studies, can go convocation a few times, driving, living under one roof with your parents, working and so on. So what am trying to do is get as much knowledge and added more skills from what i have now. And to achieve my goal. You can see all my wish list right? so there you go. Proud to be me if i can get all the wish list. Is impossible Fatin, but at least some πŸ˜€

Till then, enjoy your weekend!

xo, f.Β 


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