THINGS to do before I turn 30

G’day, mate!

How are ya? just imagine an Malaysian speaking with Australian accent early in the morning haha ridiculous whatever. Okay i just had a bad day yesterday and am not going g to ruin my Tuesday. Just thought of talking about my stuff. THINGS to do before i turn 30. THINGS, could be so many, THINGS could be just a few but more you see my list below will definitely describe what are the THINGS that i talk about. Sort of like a compulsory to do list by hook or by crook. Lets share things together.  THINGS THINGS THINGS.

1. B full License.

Yes. Please say yes to the girls that wanted to added her license skills from class D to B full as my wish list is to own a Superbike, at least one. Black Kawasaki Ninja 300, Red Ducati Multistrada 1200 or Black Harley Davidson Night Rod or maybe White Night Rod special hehe. Explanation as below:-

  • Class D – Cars with unloaded weight not exceeding 3000 kg
  • Class B full – Motorcycles (all displacement)

I think this is the perfect place to learn:- Lets be a rider baby!

2. Diving License 

Another license i need to get is the Diving License. I love beaches, the ocean just the smell of the salt water. How i miss that! Well ya, whenever i go to a vacation i just got to snorkeling, that is cool but not so cool. hows that?haha So with this green card, i can go dive to all the beautiful beaches in the world!Just go local first such as Sipadan or Mabul Island. We have a lot to explore locally. Check out this website for more info:-

3. Flying to Paris! 

Hell to the yeah. Paris is the city of love, city of light and the city of heritage. I need to get involved what Paris people been up to. Such as, reading a book in the park, take picture near the Eiffel Tower, sip a coffee at their famous Cafe, with smell of the pastries, take a ride on a scooter or Vespa and of course the fashion sense. I want all that!

4. A Master Holder

Okay, am not setting up the time when but Insyaallah, with Allah’s Will, i’ll fin before am 30. In what? Communication definitely!Maybe public university or maybe i can find some scholarship so that i can fly and study abroad. That’s sounds interesting right. So chill!

5. A Horse Rider

Yup. Why not?I think whoever ride a horse is coooooool yaw. With all the elegance look when you ride and feel like you on top of everything. Just so you know, am afraid of horse since i was a kid. I never ride a horse before even all of my siblings been before. but not me. Fear of Horse. So to overcome my fear, lets learn to ride a pony first hahaha Yeah i know horse is quite big super massive huge, but I need to do this. Good luck to me.

That’s all for now,

xo, f.


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