Sense of Smell


おはようございます, Ohayōgozaimasu! 

Good morning, 

Speaking Japanese today. Am too busy with this event collaborating with Okinawa, Japan Tourism will be held at Aeon Bandar Utama, Petaling Jaya, Selangor this coming 6th November 2013. Its an Okinawa Food Fair for the public to enjoy the product from Okinawa that will be sell in Aeon Nationwide. Usually i will dream of something that i think too much on the day itself. So am quite stress and pressure to meet all the dateline. Rushing here and there, communicate with the Japanese that cant talk in English is quite difficult too. And am not sure they understand what am talking about. Urgh! Its a challenge for me as the Executive Director appointed me to be the Project Manager for this event. I really hope i can do it well and do the best i can to handle all the crisis and complicated madness all this round with my team mate . Yeah and thanks for reminding me am A Rockstar baby!You know who you are. *cross fingers*

While am having all this stress feeling all over, i realize that something can make me smile and keep me feeling positive. You know what? Its my sense of smell. Its related, when am in the bad mood, or stress or in my sleepy mode. Whenever i smell the good things, my face will turn happy mode on, and smile on myself 🙂 Its pretty interesting. 

You wanted to help me to turn the happy mode on? Here, i will definitely turn when i smell fresh flowers. Of course all of you know how the smell of the fresh flowers right?Feeling fresh! That’s why i have this routine to buy fresh flowers from the florist and keep in the bathroom. That’s what i do at home and changing to a new one once it died. Put it nicely in a clear glass vase, not only in the bathroom, i will also put it all over the house such as on the dinner table, on the side table and in the kitchen in front of the wash tub . Am not just smell but when i see it, I will automatically smile 🙂 

Next will be the house fragrance, always keep the stock. And also the smell of the body soap. I love it!And so does my car. i need all this fragrance to keep me positive and relax. And and and the scented candle. I will definitely buy it every time i went to IKEA. Just so you know, i cant live without the smell of vanilla or chocolate. That’s my favorite smell of all. And not to forget my dream is to be buy a house by the beach, up above the hills so that i can smell the ocean and wake up in front of the paradise. Absolutely Awesome. Keep calm and stay pretty.  

Love ya,

xo, f.


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