Lunch @ Sakae Sushi

Hi Everyone!

Hope is not too late to wish you guys a very Happy Deepavali. As you all know, Deepavali usually celebrate by the Indian all around the world as the festival of lights. Interesting right..yeah well, on last Wednesday, everyone in the office need to where the Indian costume, as to show that we united in all festive and again to respect each other cultures who live under one roof like Malaysia.

Remember Pam my colleague? She’s an Indian but Christian and she’s celebrating Christmas. Now you see right, we have so many culture and religion in Malaysia. On that day, am wearing Punjabi tops and leggings. Well at least you have one costume for each festive. But I don’t have a chance to buy a Cheogsam for Chinese New Year festive. Never mind will see how next year. Scroll down for our Deepavali looks 🙂


Am getting nervous for the event, is just around the corner. On that day, Pam and I decided to go Paradigm Mall, Kelana Jaya. We have to buy certain things for the event. And we had lunch at Sakae Sushi. You heard of it before? Am sure you are. The famous big green froggy as their logo. I have no idea why they chose the green creature. It must be a story behind it.

The Food – Well I had a Nabeyaki Cha Soba as my main dished. What can I described was, the soba is too “kembang” it taste soba but not too tasty as it’s soaked in the hot soup too long I think. And for Pam, she had a vegetables tempura and some sushi. And I don’t like the smell of the green tea. Is not like usual green tea that I had before in other place. Yikes! for our dessert, we had three Mochi (Peanut butter, green tea and red bean) love the red bean more.

The Interior – It looks nice, you can see is a Japanese restaurant. And ya the most advanced Japanese restaurant you had seen, because they have ipad on each of the table. You can actually scroll all the menu and also straight order from there. With one click away you get to see all the promotions and happening events too.

The Price – It cost us about RM40. Well quite cheap too for both of us that just crash into random Japanese Restaurant.

Find them at

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