Lunch @ Ole-Ole Bali

Selamat Siang!

It’s been awhile am not logging to my blog. Finally the event is over and so here I am now writing again. This happened last two weeks actually. Me and my girlfriends Era and Effi had lunch at Ole-Ole Bali in Empire Subang. As you all know, Empire is a shopping gallery. Did you know what why they called it gallery? It is because ESG, Empire Shopping Gallery features elegant architecture, harmonious landscaping and a bevy of services to help make it a shopping paradise. Designed in a modern, bright and elegant setting, the gallery advocates shopping comfort and unparalleled convenience for its family oriented shoppers. Step in to discover an impressive selection of restaurants, a multitude of international and local fashion stores and other stylish retail finds to satisfy every shopper’s need. Overall, Empire is slightly the smaller Pavillion shopping mall in Kuala Lumpur. Am not sure how others judged it and it’s only my own opinion.

Ole-ole Bali is the place we chose. After such a long time for me to try the food in this Indonesian cuisine as my friend said it is different from what we had in other Indonesian restaurant. Well my mum not fancy to enter the place because it is quite scary for her with all the interior brought from Indonesia and masks hanging on the wall and such.

The Food – I love it! I know they have very different taste from all the food that I tried before. Even until now I try to describe what actually the ingredients in each food we had. Not just the food, the drink as well. We had this main course for three, I don’t really remember the food name something like “Bali Trio” yeah I think, because its for three people. The foods are very presentable, organized, delicious and very light. In one “Mengkuang” tray with banana leaf for based they put aside to each other like squids, process fish, and chicken come with three sauces and some vegetables in the middle. Everything is very traditional. Era and me ordered the same drinks, barley lime with a “pandan” leaf on top to have a good smell for each drinks. And I think Effi had a apple crush with mint leaf on top. That’s quite unique too.

The Interior – We are in Bali baby! That’s how I describe when I entered the restaurant. They have all stuff made in Bali I think, I mean every single thing. Even though am not been to Bali before, but with the sound of music, the smell with the waiter from Indonesia wearing traditional Indonesia costume you will feel you are there plus Effi been there before said so. You can view my pictures below.

The Price – Quite pricey, It cost us RM 88. But you can’t say much, because you can’t get this kind of feeling from other restaurant. If you want to feel you are in Bali, just come here and try the food and enjoy the environment as well.


You can actually find them at

LG27, Lower Ground Floor, Empire Shopping Gallery, Jalan Ss16/1, 47500, Subang Jaya, Selangor, 47500, Malaysia

+3° 4′ 55.21″, +101° 34′ 57.31″

C – +60 3-5022 2629

W –

Selamat Makan!


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