Event : Okinawa Food Fair 2013

Okinawa Food Fair 2013

Finally! The event is over. I was so freaking tired, stressful, under pressured with all these stuff. I hope there is no more new event that my Boss accepted after this. The other one will be on 21st November 2013, it’s a company annually event am just a teammate and luckily not appointed to be the Project Manager again. Fuh! Just imagined, in one month we have 2 event’s going on. *finger crossed* this is the last one.

Well everything’s been okay. Even though I think is not really okay. I believed is an experienced that I should say it’s kinda worth it. Remember I mentioned before how bad that I want to have an event company? This is it, the first experienced in event for real life. Not enough support from the Boss itself, not enough teammate I should said, but luckily I have Pam to help me in all this. I should learned from it. Scroll down, to Okinawa Food Fair that was held at AEON One Utama, Petaling Jaya from 6th – 10th November 2013. Not even in One Utama, it also in AEON Mid Valley. Check it out! Am so happy it’s over now.


Okay enough with photos, now let me explained a little bit of the event. Can you see the lady with hat? that’s Miss Okinawa fly exclusively from Okinawa itself. She’ll be around the fair to take photo’s, entertained the public, and also as to promoted Okinawa. On the fair, they brought along their food product that MADE FROM OKINAWA. The famous purple sweet potato that you can’t actually get it even in Tokyo and also their brown sugar that grown in the island  itself. Okinawa is very small island, and all Japanese there look like a little bit of Malaysian. They’ve got big round eyes, and a tanned skin accept for Miss Okinawa(i think she’s mix). By the way, is hardly to talk to them, because they can’t barely understand and talk English. That’s the tough part of the event, where you have to deal with Japanese that actually stay in Malaysia but they can’t even talk in English. Is just freaking hard, but at least the event is over so i can say overall is great. Just wait for their complain soon. As they known as the perfect and proper man ever. Lol


That’s all for now.


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