To not die until I’ve accomplished something worthwhile. To not hurt anyone. To have a few lovers here and there. To write about it. To travel. To buy things for my family. To stop making my mother cry. To eat good, fresh food. To cook well. To have a mentor. To learn. To have barefoot excursions and midnight conversations with pretty-eyed girls. To live in a hotel room with a huge, white bed. To have wine parties with old friend who have wondered where I’ve been. To have a collection of vinyl records. To be friends with the invisible people in the invisible towns. To have a local wine-shop owner greet me by name as I walk into his store. To watch the sun rise a few times. To watch the sun set every time. To write a perfect sentence. To read all the great books. To dream about what could have been. To see a perfect opportunity for love and walk in the other direction. To find passion. To make people think. 



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