Unmarried to Married


Good Morning Girlfriends!

I am very happy to group of my girlfriends. Two of them married with high school lovers and another one with her Uni lover. Focus on their partner’s name, Dzarul, Asrul, Fakhrul. See what it is in common? Their last 3 alphabet RUL. What a coincident. I think is a girl strategy or something plus the 3 guy are best friend! Coolness right. Congratulations! All of them married this year, with multiple pastel color chose by them, the theme look really nice for their weddings. For introduction to my group of friends here, Intan (i close the most), Afidah (long lost cousin), Sarah (senior back in uni), Farah (Hotelier), & Hazwani (Zumba coach). We all went to the same school Sekolah Menangah Subang Jaya (SMSJ) , Subang Jaya, Selangor from form 1 till 5, from we are at age 12 till 17 years old. Just guest how many years we’ve been friend? We are not that close like we meet each other everyday, or chill every week or even gather and attend birthdays or bachelorate party. But we do know that we have each other if there is something happen, that’s what girlfriends for. I love you girls! So just me, Sarah and Hazwani left unmarried. Lol Pray for our good and bright future baby! 3 down and 3 more to go.

Captured below are from their solemnization and reception day 🙂

Farah & Dzarul  (23.11.2013 * 24.11.2013)

Solemnization : Bukit Jelutong

Reception : Bukit Jelutong


Afidah & Asrul (22.06.2013 * 23.06.2013)

Solemnization : Subang Jaya

Reception : Kelana Jaya


Intan & Fakhrul (15.06.2013)

Solemnization : USJ, Subang Jaya

Reception : Subang Jaya


Have a happy Wednesday to all the girls in the world!


xo, f.


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