Lunch @ Mbuji Cafe

Good Morning,

How are you today? I did’t realize it’s already Thursday since we are busy doing Christmas decorations for the office.At least am doing something rather than nothing. And am still have time to write here. Well while, Pam and me doing some shopping for the Christmas yesterday at Tropicana City Mall, we are freaking hungry so we find a place to eat. First am gonna try Pasta Zanmai but it is too crowded. So we chose Mbuji. Heard of it? MBUJI CAFE’s vision began from a chance visit by thier founder, Dr. Alice Sai together with her business partner, Mr. Gus Savvas, a renowned coffee roaster in Australia to a little village in Mbinga, Tanzania where coffee is grown. The most outstanding landmark amidst the lush, green landscape is a giant rock named Mbuji (pronounced as “Boo-ji”). The natives live to worship this mystical rock hill. This visit proved to be an eye-opening, life-changing experienced. 

Although the Mbinga natives have been producing coffee for decades, the beans were mainly distributed under the Kilimanjaro brand, thus depriving them of the recognition and more importantly the income. Extreme poverty abounded in this region. The average lifespan of the people was only 35 years old because they die of malaria and lack of healthcare. It was this heartbreaking reality that inspired Dr. Alice to set up the “Kayombo Grassroots Foundation”.

A part of the proceeds of sale of beans from Mbuji Cafe is channeled back to the community through this Foundation. The money is then used to buy first-aid kits, de-worming tablets as well as to build schools and libraries. 

Through Mbuji Cafe, they hope to raise the awareness of common thread of humanity that unites peoples from all walks of life. With this love for coffee and for their fellow coffee-lovers, they strive to serve you with the only best graded coffee beans from all around the world which is the AAA and the AA grades!

So much information on this? I’ve got this from their FB page at 

They served all day breakfast, brunch, diners, pizza, sandwiches and especially coffee. For coffee lover, you should give this place a try. Pam and i had the same meal which Aglio Olio Pasta but with different drinks, mine was Latte, Pam was Cappuccino. The pasta was spicy for me, they used too much chili flakes in it but it taste good. My lips just turn red after i ate it, because i can take too much spicy stuff. Overall the is just nice to have lunch here with very minimal decoration of African look like their sofa with a zebra stripes and a so called a safari concept too. Where you can see their waiter wearing safari outfit like exactly like late Steve Irwin. Our Lunch cost at RM 32 as they have a lunch menu so you can safe at least RM 8. 




Its a first time experienced with an African food. Not to forget its Halal cafe. You can visit them at Tropicana City Mall(PJ), IOI Mall (Puchong), Sg Wang Plaza(KL). They open everyday since they are actually inside a shopping mall from Mon – Sun: 10:00 am – 10:00 pm. 

That’s all for now. Have a good week all!


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