Feeling Loved


Hey Love, 

Am pretty sure all of you out there being in love before right? But do you feel the love? Feeling loved is different from being loved. When you feel loved, it makes you feel whole, accepted, and supported by another person, from your lover, friend, family member, or work colleague. You get the sense of being valued and emotionally fulfilled, that someone gets you. You feel me? Do your relationships make you feel valued and emotionally fulfilled? Is there someone in your life who really gets you? Do people you love actually feel loved by you? Do they know that you appreciate them as they really are? I really have no idea and this is really an issue on critical thinking. We have more things than ever before, more possessions, more time, more contacts, and more access to information and locations around the world. But even though we have so much more, it can often still feel like less.

How is that possible? Just as you can eat without being nourished and drink without quenching your thirst, you can be connected without feeling connected. You can satisfy an urge without feeling you’ve satisfied a need. You can have hundreds of friends online, instant message colleagues on the other side of the world, or order the same shirt in a dozen different colors and have it on your doorstep in days, but if you’re not making honest, face-to-face connections where you can touch, read non-verbal cues, or give undivided attention, then it’s nearly impossible to feel connected, or feel loved. Similarly, you can express caring for others and receive care yourself without getting what you really need that’s what you call sense of feeling loved.

And of course feeling love is important for me, when i feel loved, i feel less stressed and more relaxed, knowing that am valued for who i really are, i don’t have to hide or numb my feelings, i can connect to the wisdom of emotions and emotional intelligence, and i am able to cope with difficult situations and recover from setbacks and losses, i will feel more self-confidence and find it easier to explore new possibilities and be most important to me is i’ll be creative when i feel loved. More over, the ability to recognize and manage stress and also the ability to stay connected to what i feel. What more can i say, feeling loved bring me towards a positive mind.

Too often our loved ones don’t seem to understand or appreciate us, and this makes us feel misunderstood or unimportant to those we’re supposed to be closest to. We hear them say, “I love you,” or they give us gifts or other tokens of love, but they rarely look at us or have the time to sit down with us for any length of time. Instead of feeling deeply connected to them, we feel confused, distanced, or disconnected. Do you guys realized things that we do for our loved ones that may not result in them feeling loved such as provide physical care, try to make them happy, protect them from experiencing painful or disagreeable emotions, provide intellectual stimulation. So should i continue doing this if this not working for him to feel loved? I don’t know why i keep thinking all this relationship seriously but sometimes i feel like i just gonna go with the flow since i start having a bad experienced with all this relationship matter. I think it’s time. Should i care more or lesser? Because i think am doing the best which care less for now. 

Do you feel loved?

now playing- Do You Feel Loved by U2


xo, f. 


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