Surprised Birthday Dinner @ Sukhumvit Garden

Hello Everyone,

Hope you guys had a good weekend. Again another Monday. It’s rainy and cold outside. Lets have some hot black tea while am typing this. Well, last night family and i went to a surprised birthday dinner for our dad at Sukhumvit. Do not think it was in Bangkok, is just here in Kuala Lumpur. Well they actually having this Sukhumvit name due to the longest road in Thailand and simply because they served Thai food. Sukhumvit Restaurant is serene, relaxed and casual. With their garden concept, you may bring as much people to fit in the restaurant. All table with different interior. You can choose whether you want to be indoor or outdoor. Scroll down for photo’s.

The Food – Nice and delicious Thai food. They even have the family package and its really easy for us to chose according to pax. We had 2 fishes, one meal of red and white meat, veges, tom yum, and also omelette. We also had Pulut Mangga(mango’s served with glutinous rice).

The Price – It’s affordable! Really. About 5-7 pax cost you RM147.

The Interior – Garden. Full with trees and green living. They also have a mini waterfall at one of the corner.

What i would like to comment is just, their waiter is not been trained for surprise occasions. So sad. From where our family been doing all these surprised at other restaurants, i think this is the bad experienced for us. No surprised at all! Well you still can come here but do NO Surprises!

Here visit them also at ;-

1. Sukhumvit Restaurant

No.67, Jalan Hamzah Kg Baru, 50300 Kuala Lumpur

2. Sukhumvit Garden Restaurant

Lot 5730 Jalan MMR2, 68100 Gombak,

3. Restoran Sukhumvit Taman Dato Harun
No 1, Jalan 7, Taman Dato Harun Batu 7 1/2,
Jalan Kelang Lama, 46000 Petaling Jaya,

C – 019 3838 379/012 6767 592/017 2886 741

E –

W –



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