Late Lunch @ Penang Nyonya

Hello there, 

Good afternoon, am gonna share 2 more restaurants today. Nothing to do and i feel so bored. So lets sharing is caring. Yesterday mummy and me went to Sunway Pyramid to do some shopping. I bought my annual dinner dress and all the accessories. The theme going to be red, black or white. I go for safer color black and red. Like always my point is to look thinner than i am. LOL I know am quite weird. I am fat but i wanna look skinny. such a shame. Well move on to the story of my late lunch at Penang Nyonya yesterday. 

The Food – I love the Penang fried kuey teow!yummy freaking delicious. You should come here and try yourself. It remind me of the fried kuey teow in pj. Nice! Mummy had this sup tulang. You can actually taste the original beef soup even though the soup really rich with herbs. I don’t know how to tell you man you should come here!Mummy insisted to try their bubur cha cha. It was quite nice also. They really keep the original taste of every food they served. 

The Place – Just like a normal restaurant, with some canvas printing hanging on the wall for their decorations. They are actually in Subang Parade, Subang Jaya. And they got a medium services. is that even count?LOL

The Price – Not bad. 2 fried kuey teow, 1 soup and white rice, 1 bowl of dessert (bubur cha cha), 2 hot water and a hot barley cost you RM30++. 



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