Read : Cerpen by Nadia Khan

Selamat Pagi.

While am typing this, my eyes can’t really open because am so freaking sleepy. This morning i woke late, i thought is Saturday! And i rush to work till i sleep in the car while waiting for time to turn 9. But i really need to tell you about this book. So pardon me if i make you pissed off. Another Malay book that i finally finished yesterday. Cerpen by Nadia Khan. Again thanks Shariffj for lending me the book. He has a lot of Malay book that he bought from flea market, Sunday market, and some independent events. Cerpen or the short stories in English, it grab my attention with the book cover. A water bag in the hospital. Am very disappointed because i have this high expectation how the story will end. Stories after stories, the end are all the same, stop in the middle of nowhere and never explain what happen afterwards. I is sad. But you can actually read it still, but not to put so much hope in it. I know this is how you wrote a short story but because i have a high expectation that bring me to anger i will stop reading short stories. LOL



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