Coffee @ Espresso Lab

Its me again the coffee addict. Now i will share with you guys where we treat our self after the whole day walking and searching for Christmas decorations last 2 weeks. Like always me and Pam responsible doing decorations and arranged something for festive season and not to forget event for office. We are the perfect couple to do all this just the two of us. We might end up manage our own event company. You will never know. LOL And the best thing were, we need to have coffee everyday. It doesn’t matter what kind what brand from which country, we love coffee and we love coffee.   

The Place – Not really strategic. As you all know, Espresso Lab situated at e@Curve, Mutiara Damansara. The cafe is actually located in the middle because they just have a small corner next to Maxis customer center. Chairs and table outside of the cafe. I don’t really like it but we eager to try it, there we are sitting in the middle of the way.  

The Drinks – Macchiato. In a very small cup contain 1 shot of espresso and a lick of fresh milk. Taste authentically from the coffee bean. 

The Price – If you can see at the bottom, that small cup cost you RM 9. Anything to say?

Well what more can i say, Espresso Lab replace T for Two at Empire Shopping Gallery. What is that mean? Espresso Lab got more support there. Happy Trying!



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