Coffee @ The Meeting Place


The Meeting Place. Heard of it before? Its a cafe in Cold Storage at Ikano Power Center (IPC), Mutiara Damansara. One fine day me and Pam go out for shopping, we just drop by this cafe since i had their coupon buy 1 free 1. We really love it!

The Drinks – Coffee absolutely. its marvelous. We been there about 2 times already. First we had a Cappuccino at second time we had Latte. But don’t go for their food. It taste not good. Is not fresh and i think they just used the left over from Cold Storage. 

The Place – Nice. Comfy cozy. Not much people go there i think because they have competitor near by like Starbucks and Dome. Why would people go there if they have other branded choice right? But trust me you should try before you judge. They have the best coffee too. 

The Price – 9 onz cup will cost you RM 6 while 12 onz cup cost you RM8. Consider cheap?So me and Pam just pay in half because we had the but 1 free 1 coupon.



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