Lunch @ Seoul Garden

Hey All,

I had bad experienced with this restaurant called Seoul Garden (a Korean Food restaurant). I wont come again. Am pretty sure that i cant take black pepper flavor. And squid marinate with curry? no way!i cant take all this. I love lamb but this time is a big no no no. My dad always told me not to mix your food with seafood and meat. i think this is one of the reason why. I throw all out after i had their food. Am officially cant take Seoul Garden food is either steam or bbq. Sorry to my throat and my belly. I don’t really have appetite after that. 

And i don’t think its worth it to pay RM 40 per pax (Inclusive taxes). We fool when we look at their price per pax on their top counter board. I thought is just RM 20 something. This is ridiculous. What kind of service that you did until you charge customer more than RM 10?not even served us anything, we take our food our self, we line up to pay your bill and they only have one food buffet table. And your food is totally yuckes! Officially banned them. Thank you. 


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