Event : Annual Dinner 2013


Today i wanted to share with you guys my office annual dinner last 2 weeks. Which fall on 27th December of 2013. I know it was soooo last year. But man is just the 7th day of new year. Okay not to talk crap, lets show you some view on the event itself. Like always, we keep standing with our team which Pam and me ONLY, ONLY. We start to do shopping with the door gift, than later with decorations and also managed to get performer (a band) and VIP’s. Its a crazy idea to do by our self. As upper management trust and giving us a full support in terms of money and time. Thank you to all suppliers that been contribute something for the dinner. We love you all. (Okay that’s too much). We show appreciation by inviting them to our annual dinner that night. Enjoy the evening with live entertainment, international buffet been served by buffet outside the room and lucky draw prizes. We complete that night with speech from our Executive Director and door gift for everyone. We do a lot of work and we been awards as the most hardworking, anticipating worker of the year. Yeah we really appreciate that small token from the company. Thanks bos! Incremental this year please.

We did it, yes we did it for this year πŸ™‚



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