Better at Somewhere


Guten Morgen,


Am a bit clumsy today. Which from yesterday actually. A Wednesday morning while listening to Frank (Jazz Version) full album by Amy Winehouse i look back of what happen to me. A messy me. Well yesterday was raining heavily in the evening. My watch point at 6. And my mind start screaming (get your ass back home now!) Luckily i brought my black umbrella, i feel am in New York walking while raining and holding black umbrella. Okay stop. Just my imagination. When i get into my car, it was water under the driver seat. What the hell is just happened?Am not that shock, because i’ve been through this before but this time the water is quite a lot. Than i just trow all the water out while raining still heavy outside. Damn all my stuff was wet. My shoes, books, handbag, all over in my car. And my sunscreen just pop out and fell out from the car. Is just great man. Now am freaking cold. But before all that happened, i received an email about my summons from myeg(Malaysian Government). It was so perfect!Last night when i get back home my tummy felt uneasy. Pain in the hell. I have no idea why my tummy upset. Dinner a bit, a hot black coffee for me and shut my eyes after a while reading a book. Everything happened in one day. And am so blessed when this morning am awake with a mild pain. Thank God!

And today i don’t feel the vibe to work i feel so lazy in the ass, i need more sleep and feel comfortable. ALERT. No confident on me today. Plus water from my water bottle spill out in my car seat. Madness! So what i did just now, text ed an invitation to friends for my little brother wedding reception on this coming February 2nd. A good feedback with congratulations and and and they in shock thought it was me. It wasn’t me people. It wasn’t me. Okay i don’t know whether you guys would be excited to received my wedding invitations, but just give me time. Am happy for what i am now, what am doing and what am enjoying. Or maybe am fear of wedding. Or being selfish by not wanting a commitment LOL So chill!

For the time being, am better at the beach. I think at least i can handle my self. I can go crazy with this kind of messed up. Messy girl to be beach girl.


*photo taken somewhere in Terengganu, Malaysia (January 2014)


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