Movie : The Great Gatsby

Hello Mr Gatsby,

How I would love to know you closer. Am the girl who are not crazy over new movies in the cinemas, am a person will watched just at home or just ignored new movies and will watched later if I have a time. I just watched The Great Gatsby last weekend after my sister offered me to watch at her laptop. It’s about 2 hours and 20 minutes, i really enjoyed watching and I expected Daisy will go and live happily ever after with Gatsby. But no, am wrong. So sad. 

It’s a very interesting story, organised a big grand party every weekend, using a unique name, Daisy’s best friend and cousin to get her back into his life. Is there still a guy will do anything for his love one to get her back after 5 years watching and investigate about her? I would love to meet this guy. How he managed to do all that for her. After she married to other guy, and not seeing him for 5 years, this is really impossible. He builds his mansion opposite her’s. Is a beach house, so that he can see her every night from his house even she didn’t know he was there all this while. Gatsby obsessed with Daisy. Really obsessed.

Will you still love me when am no longer young and beautiful? An ordinary question and one of the soundtracks in the movie by Lana Del Ray my favorite singer. Will ya?Will ya still love me when am old and ugly? This story is about previous guy who come back in the future for his only girl. Gatsby really love her that he build all that for her. Is like a first time seeing her, he still getting nervous and heart beat fast. And still remember what her favorite flowers and covered it all up in one house. I love that part. And I love when she really enjoy being beside him, enjoying the time that they had together. But sad,in the end Gatsby died and Daisy follow her husband to far far away land. Sad 😦  

I would love to read the book by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Not much movie that i watched i will like. But this time i love it. Bravo!



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