I love the moment when

I love the moment when i awake, grab a cup of coffee and start working.

What’s yours?This happen to me last Wednesday when am on medical leave due to fever and bad dry cough. So, i woke early in the morning to send my mum to work. Before went back home, i drop by Taipan where all bank’s situated, its a business center by the way. Not just bank, restaurants, cafe’s, laundry, bakeries, and etc. I need to go to the bank do some stuff, there is a lot of people in there. Crowded like hell! Yeah it is because…Chinese New Year is just around the corner, so Chinese people went to the bank and change their cash to certain amount for the ang pow. It’s kinda like a wrong timing that i came that day but Weehoo~ am looking forward for 4th February 2014, that’s when my office is open and its time to grab some ang pow from the bosses. So, after one and half hour am done with the bank. I parked like so far away from the bank and its kinda near to a bakery called ‘The Carpenters Daughter’ Artisan Bakery Cafe. Is just next to pet shop. All the feeling that i had starting from i walked to the bakery and walked back to my car, holding a cup of cappuccino and a bagel in my hand, with a windy weather, driving home and start my “work”. Work means, wrapping my brother’s wedding gift. It is absolutely a thing that i want to do it daily!The best feeling ever. 



One thing i discovered that day, Artisan Bakery had the same taste as Coffee Bean cream cheese bagel, except cream cheese sold separately. LOL Am having a bottle of cream cheese at home, so i don’t bother to buy it. Will definitely come here again for their bagel and ham cheese scones too (A girl who love bagel & scones). Well, enjoy your weekend people!




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