3 different me

Guten Morgen and smile…:)

A good start when my colleague offered me a 3 in 1 Old Town White Coffee, but no more next time because am feeling dizzy right now. I couldn’t take 3 in 1 thingy very bad, very very bad. Okay for today post, three different me in three different days. Remember my lil brother’s wedding?Here are the selfie on the three big days. I’ll show you his pictures later.


From left- 1st day, A hijab stylista because we had to go in the mosque for the solemnization ceremony. Free themed.

Make up by myself.

2nd day, A brown-ish themed for Brides reception.

Make up by myself.

3rd day, A gray-ish themed for Grooms reception.

Make up by Izza from Sephora.

If interested with Izza make up and hair services you can contact her mobile at 012 2303 588. She’s good in terms of communication, punctual, she’s great at playing colors too with affordable prices. Plus she’s cute. We love her. Thanks Izza! πŸ™‚ Love the red lips baby!or you love my make up skills more? LOL


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