Is your romance dead?


Good morning to all lovey dovey couple birds!

Since today is 14th February 2014, and all around the world celebrating valentines. Lets talk about the condition of your romance. Is your romance dead? So tell me what is my opinion, romance a feeling of excitement and mystery associated with love or an exciting, enjoyable love affair. What should a person in a relationship do for their romance to be last? Have something exciting constantly. You guys are in love, and of course you do anything together, show love everyday but am not sure if its only last for a few years or just a few months. That’s the reason why we have this term break up’s and divorce anywhere in a world today. Everything seems so simple and easy now days with the advance technology like smartphones, tablets with facebook, twitter, instagram, email, chatting, skype, whatsapp, wechat, and any other applications. So people would just buy something online, ask someone for a date online, sending gift by online, showing photo’s online..what the fuck? Yes I do understand where we need to use the technology that we has, but please consider the old days too. The traditional way (the hard way) where everyone seems so hard to do like sending a letter by post or even dove LOL and create something special with your two hands not two fingers. Crafting, painting, baking, cooking, or singing with your own lyrics. I will be very happy with all that actually. Very special yet simple and need your own creativity. And this need to do constantly so that your romance will last. Not in a period of your “in a relationship” only, please do this too when you are married to each other. I don’t specify it, It could be girl’s or guy’s in this terms. To show love is to show effort. Effort-less, Romance-less. Happy Valentines Day! (*wishing doesn’t mean celebrating) 

With Love,

xo, f.  


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