Body Pampered @ Beauty Palace

Hi all,

This is my first time visit Beauty Palace for sauna and massage. I’ve made an appointment a few days before on last Saturday. Me, mummy and my sister Lisa went for that appointment, but she chose to do hair massage. Beauty Palace 100% owned by Malaysian with claimable a muslimah spa. Only girls are allowed. They actually been here for 1 year already, but we just realize it last week because they just put up a signboard on top of the shop. Before they moved here, they was at SS15 Subang Jaya. Which we don’t heard of it before. So now they are just at our place. Just at ease for us to come again. Yeay!

My experienced, thought of take a deep nap while am on my massage, but nooooo it hurt all time. Maybe because after 27 years ive got no time to pampered my body with all this sauna and massage, here you go. A hurt a lil bit for a first timer. But definitely will come again for detox and others. Anyway I love the back massage!My massage-er was Qila. and she was awesome because she know what she go through, she will know if there got something stuck in your body such as blood clots. Its actually made you understand your body more.Thanks Qila! Beauty Palace use their own product called Giena. And they used Ayu Raudhah to endorsed their brand.

And now they having promotion. So come and visit them before 30th April for more discounted price. Call for appointment first, they will just take at least 10 customer only. Hurry!

Beauty Palace 

No. G-1, 1-1, Jalan USJ Sentral 1, USJ 1,
47620 Subang Jaya, Selangor
C – 03-8022 1221

W –



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