Vacay : Weekend Gateway @ Selesa Beach Resort, Port Dickson

So what you waiting for? Google and book a room now!That’s what my mum told my sister on last Saturday evening. Which that’s my dad imagination to be at Port Dickson at that time to have coffee by the beach. And mum said hey ho lets go!

Here we are at our unplanned weekend gateway. Selesa Beach Resort bring the most good impression after the first one gone bad. Corus Apartment under the management of PDascott was sux to the max. We booked 3 rooms apartment while we on the way there. But sadly the room’s left was horrible terribly. We decided to move on have dinner and go back. But we try at least called a few more hotels but all are fully booked and finally… SELESA BEACH RESORT the only beach resort are available at that time. So we straight away go there. Thank you Selesa Beach Resort we have place to stay that night with pleasant beach view bitches!And we invited over a happy newly wed couple my brother and his wife for their pre-honeymoon.

We also make dad’s wish come true which to have coffee by the beach. We went to Starbucks at the town located at PD waterfront. Lets rumble the photo’s!



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