Vacay : Sarawak & Brunei Darussalam

Good Morning travelers, 

I spent my last weekend at Miri, Sarawak and Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei. Miri was so amazing, unexpected to be so cool and modern, but not Brunei. Who am i to complain and comment about people’s country and places. Just need to share and very nice to be there. Which am proudly claimed “i been there, done that”. And finally am done visit all states in Malaysia. Next should be other Asian country. I been to Singapore, Thailand, and Brunei for now. Lets plan for future! Weehoo~

Miri is the City of Sea Horses. You can see a lot of them anywhere everywhere in Miri. Ben Ben! LOL As i went there as a single flyer, Kiki my friend and ex-housemate and ex-diploma classmate was with me entertained while am there for 4 days 3 nights. She and her cousin Ayen. You girls are rock!Thank you so much for the awesome hospitality!And Miri is a very small city where i can just look from the top of a hill with a nice view. A clean air, clean road and clean environment.  

Brunei, the kingdom of unexpected treasure. That’s what they claimed. Okay, they actually just like us but i think we are more modernize. Am quite surprised when we enter Brunei from Miri, they still have forest that’s is not been explore yet. A lot mean a tons. The best part when i visit Brunei is i saw Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah and a Hornbill or his scientific name Bucerotidae. Its supposed to be seen in Sarawak as it Sarawak’s pride but this time am lucky enough to him flying across the jungle in Brunei. I was freaking excited with a happy face when i saw Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah cross the road with his black jeep on the way to watch Brunei Regatta 2014. *faint* I always told my mom i will go and meet the Sultan’s Brunei because i adore him *wink wink* My wish came true! And i told Kiki, this is my perfect visit to this Island of Borneo. Smile all the way back to Miri. 🙂 Pictures time!

Shared some Sarawak photos first. Welcome to Sarawak!

Picture taken at the border between Sarawak and Brunei


Canada Hill is a limestone ridge overlooking Miri City and offering excellent views of Miri and its surrounding. Situated on top of Canada Hill, the Grand Old Lady is the first oil well in Malaysia. It represents the petroleum history of Miri which is almost a century old. This oil well is no longer production and it has been declared a protected historical site by the Sarawak Government. There is an observatory platform where we can have an excellent view of Miri City. Next to this oil well is the Petroleum Science Museum where we are too late to visit because they closed at 5pm. Right next to the Petroleum Museum, there is currently a Bistro known as Hazard, which offers food and beverages overlooking the night time cityscape. Here it is we are having hot chocolates come together with  oreo sandwich biscuits and a view of Miri at night. We also went to watch sun set from here. Its an amazing place.

Image Image

And who said Miri doesn’t have beaches. Here we are at the Luak Esplande. Miri people will come here to enjoy their weekend. But they got brown-ish ocean not blue. By the way, is nice to be here. And they also got beach republic, is a club house for public swimming pool, gym and badminton court. We had our dinner there for my final night in Miri. Not to forget, hanging bridge. Really need to visit this Miri public park, so many people came here to jogs. A refreshing park full with green tree’s and also a small waterfall.  



Food in Sarawak. Mee kolok, Laksa Sarawak (prawn based), Kek Lapis Sarawak, Umai Yu and Crunchy Midin. I definitely taste them all except Laksa Sarawak it get spoil. 



And final photos from Sarawak. This picture taken at Ayen house in Miri, am so excited! Her brother who work off shores owned it. One snap pleaseeeee love love love!



Here we go B.S.B : Bandar Seri Begawan!


This is Nasi Katok. Brunei food. 

I end this post with this 2 crazy kids from Miri. I love you two. Will definitely come here and visit you guys again. 



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