When a Girl Gives Up On You


Good morning girls, having a good Tuesday morning?Am having my green tea while typing this. Lately i felt uncomfortable with my body. I have no idea why, am trying to look up what happen last few weeks. Nothing interesting happen, nothing at all. I was just curious why i felt this way. Very unusual, felt something but i dunno whats my body up to. Changing?improving?sickening?confusing?turning to bad or to worst? I dunno. I think i need to seek doctor. I don’t feel good. Mean while, i would love to share with you this interesting post i found while doing some research.


1. She will not try to catch your attention.

2. She will not fight for you anymore.

3. She won’t reply your message as quickly anymore.

4. She won’t try to keep the conversation going anymore.

5. She will not care anymore.

6. She’s no longer jealous.

7. She will flirt and talk to other guys.

8. She’s no longer care if you care or not anymore.

9. She’s no longer goes to your profile and whine to people about how happy you’re, talking to other girls.

10. She will give up on trying to make you love her, because she finally realize that she deserves better.

And you will miss her.
Miss the way she cared about you.
Miss the way she loved you. And you have lost her.
So don’t take any girls for granted,
if you love her, let her know before she gives up !!

by Avmedia Studio

*currently listening to Say Something by A Great Big World feat Christina Aguilera.


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