Coffee @ Coffeea Coffee

Good Morning everyone. Hows your weekend?Hope it went great. I was on leave last Friday, to settle with banks and stuff. So i had 3 days weekend πŸ˜€ After me and my sister done with all stuff we went Sunway Pyramid for coffee. But actually to find her birthday present. After had our lunch at Tony Romas, is time for coffee!We had our lunch quite late that day. So we decide to try Coffeea Coffee.

The Place – Its cool, nice place to sit and chill. We had our chatting session almost one hour there. Girls and sister to sister talk. LOL Like always, we have to ordered at the cashier counter and collect our drink at the collecting point right?but this time, we just ordered and they will send it to us. They will give us table no once you paid. Ours is 11 & 1.

The Coffee – Superb!I chose Hot Madonna Flat White Coffee. In Coffeea Coffee they have two choices of coffee. Madonna and Maestro. Madonna is mild and Maestro is strong. Madonna from Venus while Maestro are from Mars. LOL I find it it quite cool to separate their coffee like that. Then, we ordered cinammon roll which not really nice i think. And a take away scones with creams and jams for mother.

The Price – A normal price for coffee. Β 



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