Coffee @ Jibby & Co

Hello again!After 2 post of mine, this is my last one for today. I know everything is about food and drinks. I spoil my diet last weekend. But i managed to control myself from having a lot of stuff contain carbs and fats. Erghhh Let me go!

After, we had our dinner at Laman Grill, Laman Seri, we went for coffee and dessert. Not much to have at the restaurant. Mom decided to have at Jibby & Co. Lets move on to Empire Shopping Gallery, Subang Jaya. Back to Subang people! Havoc Havoc Havoc Don’t be surprised when they actually have dessert called Havoc too. 

Jibby & Co it is. The owner of this place is the same owner as Serai Restaurant. This is first branch of them outside of Empire Shopping Gallery. I told my mum this could be own by Malay because Jibby normally a nickname for malay people named Najib. Yeah, as i thought so, the owner was there and talk a lil bit about how Jibby & Co get their name and history from it. 

The Place – I love it!the smell, fresh flowers, environment, a glass building, outdoor, decorations, interior, everything!You will feel like you are in NYC y’all. Cool place for chilling with family and friends.

The Drinks – They closed at 12am, by the time we reached, they only served drinks and cakes. Kitchen closed. So its perfect timing and place, as we are already planned to have coffee here. I had macchiato, and the rest am not sure, because am a bit unstable that time due to my body condition. Cakes are super delicious!

The Price – My macciato was RM9, overall RM100++ for drinks and two slices of delicious cakes. Will definitely come here more often.

Come and drop by at :-

A  – Jibby & Co
GK11, Empire Shopping Gallery, Subang Jaya
C – 03-5613-7070



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