Lunch Baby Shower @ Fiqs Gastronomy

Good Morning April. It would be a nice name for baby 🙂

Forget it. I didn’t even know why i said that. You know i don’t like kids. *sigh*

Am gonna share with you a baby shower last weekend for my girl Afidah at Fiqs Gastronomy, Subang Jaya.

The Place – Actually my family and i had dinner night before the baby shower. So i make a review of their meal on the menu they provided. I called it a hipster place. Very cozy and vintage. At first, we thought it was shop selling lights, later my sister saw it in someone instagram, she straight away send me the link of their website. A very hidden place, i never thought it would be a restaurant there. Am not suggesting the place for family, for my opinion it fits teenagers and friends gathering. Not a proper dinner, because my dad said is uncomfortable with the chairs custom made like that. Very laid back. To chill, yes. 

The Food – They lack of water supply since the night we went, no warm and hot water will be served. We ordered roasted chicken and ravioli for our dinner that night it was superb!not to forget Smores!damn we love it!and i just ordered the hangover drinks on the baby shower day. I had something heavy before i attend the baby shower. And the rest, they ordered fish and chip, club sandwich, mac and cheese, and brownies. They also claimed it was nice and delicious. But not the brownies, they said its much more nicer at upstairs cafe. And the roasted chicken they claimed is much more nicer here than daves deli. Okay people you go and try and make your own taste judgement and comparison between any food and restaurant, After all it was your taste bud to fulfill with satisfaction. 

The Price – Freaking expensive!The 1 Malaysia mineral water cost you RM3, i know they come together with a plastic cup and a slice of lemon, but i do think that you have to rip off the 1 Malaysia label. It make you look cheap and should not charge customer RM3 for that. The 1 Malaysia mineral water cost you atleast RM 0.40 at Mydin. My god people think about it. Roasted chicken and Ravioli RM25, and am not sure about the rest. My green drinks The Hangover RM11. Bah!is just Cucumber, green tea and honey plus the plastic cup it wont cost you that much. Luckily it was good.      

Visit them at :-

A – No. 34 Jalan SS19/1D
47500 Subang Jaya,
Selangor Darul Ehsan.

W –



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