Family Vacay : Langkawi, The Jewel of Kedah


Its been a long time i didn’t write here i mean type. Okay whatever that suits you. LOL Last weekend, me and family went for a 4 days and 3 nights holiday. We off to Langkawi, The Jewel of Kedah. As for the first time experienced flying with Firefly, our local flights been so bad. Twice delayed, the plane gone very humid inside, i think the air-conditioning not functioning and their counter been the last counter to open for check-in. Very ridiculous and no apologize from the counter staff. Am not sure yours, but mine and family had the bad time ever. 

Here, a little bit of an island recognized as The Jewel of Kedah. The magnificent name, Langkawi, is believed to have originated from the abundance of eagles found on the island. The Brahminy Kite, a species of eagle fondly known as “Lang Merah” in Malay, and “Kawi”, meaning marble in Sanskrit, is also unique to the island. Another reference states that the name is a combination of two Sanskrit words, “Langka” (beauty) and “Wi” (innumerable), which means ‘The Place of Immense Beauty’. True enough, this island was also once known as the ‘Land of Bliss’ dating back 2,000 years ago. 

We went almost all interesting places there. 2nd day, Island hoping to Dayang Bunting Island, Beras Basah Island and Singa Besar Island to feed huge eaglessss . its a big birds!keep flying just keep flying. Before we went here, we already booked our whole vacation with travel agency called MASDI & MAZLI HOLIDAYS SDN BHD. You can reach them as below:-

C – 019 4793088
      04 966 3088
Kak Aza 
C – 013 457 3388
They are perfecto!Thank you En Masdi and Kak Aza for your best servicing!Will definitely recommended. Or for our next time in Langkawi perhaps?Thank you!
Our 3rd Day, we went for Underwaterworld trip. A must visit place in Langkawi. Because they have Rockhopper penguins and African penguins!woohoo~ We follow their time together with feeding the penguins. Make sure you come on the right time. Google their schedule before you heading there. RM30 per head. And others not much to see as an underwaterworld. 
And next, the Cable Car! a center of attraction in Langkawi. They called it sky cab. RM15 per head due to their sky bridge is closed as is under maintenance am not sure till when. So up up in the sky! After cable car you can actually having other stuff too like shopping in their oriental village, go for a duck tours, 6D cinemotion and you can also ride a horsey!We had lunch there too.  
We also went to Beras Terbakar place and Kota Mahsuri for their history kinda stuff just to complete our task as tourist in Langkawi. Not to forget, you’ll be charged RM7 per head for Kota Mahsuri entry tickets. I mean for adults, kids?am not so sure about that. 
Andddd do not forget to visit their one and only big huge eagle in Kuah town at Dataran Lang. Pay a visit to him, poor big bird being alone forever ever ever forever ever ever~
Before we fly back to Kuala Lumpur, we actually drop by at the coconut shake kiosk in Pantai Chenang, try them!It cost us RM3.50 only. 
Last but not least, our One Helang Hotel! just next to Langkawi Airport. Is nice to stay here. spacious room!it can fit 4 person in a room. 

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