Be honest to yourself

Don’t lie, be honest, and stay true to yourself. I would like to admit and confess myself by being so bad towards some people. I can lie to them but not to myself. I would rather keep my mouth shut than telling the truth. I want them to be happy when they are with me. No return is expected. I love them and i want them to feel my happiness. But as far as things going, is this still worth to be lying all around? I keep thinking, keep running in my mind like a hurricane need to crash out eagerly. Should i do this for my own benefits?or what can i call it being selfish? 

Dear me, have a deep conversation with yourself, i know honesty can be hard, i have to do the work, don’t be afraid if the result turns out unbelievable, is not the end it might be the new beginning. Honesty will sets myself free. Just see yourself in the future. Think this way, if am making mistakes, it means am out there doing something.




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