Losing myself

Hello there, am sorry ive been posting moody stuff this week. But this is what i feel right now. It just come out from my pure lil heart. Bare in mind am only human.

There’ve been several times so far in my life that I’ve lost myself. I’ve stopped, dead in my tracks, and wondered where I’m headed, why am going that way and if I even want to be destined for that place.

Most days, I don’t know and on good days, I’m faintly sure I’ve make the worst decision of my lifetime so far. Am bad in making decisions. Every day is a new challenge, a new chance to get it wrong, another opportunity to question any and everything that I’ve done up until this point. I always question something am not sure with or maybe question why we have to go that way. Any particular reason why?

There’s something, though, that’s just so incredibly awe-inspiring and magical about being lost, about not knowing what comes next, about leaving it all up to fate and chance and opportunity and the excitement of a spot on a map that brings with it all the hopefulness of a lifetime.

Probably losing myself for a moment, for a week, for a month, for a year. Allow me being zoned out.




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