Thank You Love

To whom it may concern,

After such a long time you’re gone from my side, now am awake from my dream. Your lights come, touches me, without am thinking, i feel you. I can feel you near and just next to me. What the hell am i thinking? All of you just dismissed. I cannot have you. Am no longer yours, you are gone. Wake up Fatin, wake up! Don’t live in a dreams that you create. People have their own mindset, their own goal to achieved. Remember what people said, if you love someone let them go, set them free, if they come back his yours. But the other way round, if they don’t fight for you, they’re not right for you. What is that fucking bullshit just happen? Forget about it. Is a mess to think over and over again. The fairy tale was fated to end badly. I know it was you who came by just to see how sad i am without you. Yes i admit, i miss you. Sometimes. I can’t barely stand on my own feet. Just to wonder how do i do this without you. Well, now i realize that i have feelings. I never thought it was that easy to let you off from this wrecking ship. You blew me off like a blue ocean bubble that will pop anytime. I have to thank you for your give and take, thank you for your opportunity, thank you for giving time, thank you for your time, thank you for your concern, thank you for your considerate, thank you for your understanding, thank you for your temporary love, it mean so much to me. I do appreciate and respect you for being my captain on the ship till the very moment we decided not to continue our journey further.

Terima Kasih Cinta.




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