Dinner @ Lemon & Soda

Good Morning to all people on earth. Rise and shine!

Am in need of positive vibes. Well how are you guys?I hope everyone doing just fine. This time am gonna review the one and only Timun and Pumba restaurant. LOL is Lemon and Soda Restaurant. Is just rhyme when you compare both. haha Sorry am a bit messy today. Okay lets scroll down for more on this lil cafe and restaurants that located in USJ, Subang Jaya. One of my friends Edelin, her mum’s own this place. Well Edelin and I met when we was on high school SMKSJ, after that we met again in Uni for the same course Mass communication and shes my senior one batch because am in the second intake. Well we live in Subang Jaya, its a small city we can just bump into each other anywhere right. This is a family-run business, so all the best! 

The Place – Classy! I love it when they use wood pieces for their table and chairs, the counter look very simple and the dim lights make me wanna go in and explore more. But not to confused, they actually have two doors. You can just go to one of it because its interconnected. Another one look like a restaurant and one more look like a cafe. And its located just as the same row as Pizza Vs Satay. 

The Food – Awesome!The food that we had was Spaghetti bolognese, Aglio Olio and Char Kuey Teow. Love the lemonade soda. You can only get them here. We also tried their cakes, peach cheese cake it was great taste! Mummy and sister love it so much. And also Snickers Cheese Cake, Salted Caramel Cake and more. Walla!Mamma mia!They served local and also western. According to Edelin, its home cook by her mother. And they also served different special daily menu such as Nasi Dagang on Saturday. I would love to come here again and taste them. You know i love nasi dagang with chicken 🙂

The Price – Not bad. You can review my photos for the menu and price list down here. For the cakes, you can have it from RM9. 90 or RM10.90. Lets go to this cool place!Call them for Ramadhan reservation. 

A – Lemon & Soda Restaurant +Cafe

10, Jalan USJ 11/3J

Subang Jaya

C – 012 6033415

FB – facebook.com/lemonandsoda




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