Wish List : Speed Machines 5


Did you know, did you know, did you know the new Honda Accord is sooooooo beautiful. Classic and elegant. I love her! With on the road price starting at RM 139, 815 do you think i can afford? good question. The biggest issue is why she captured my attention on the road while driving first? Urgh! Slightly looking very smooth and making me jealous to the person who drove her. I like it when she is in her modern steel metallic dress. In love!

The outgoing Accord (ASEAN gets the same body as North America) had a very large body, and Honda’s surveys pointed them to the path of a smaller footprint – at 4,870 mm, this car is 80 mm shorter overall than the outgoing Accord, and its wheelbase length of 2,775 mm is 25 mm less than before. Coupled to the fact that it’s slightly wider (+5 mm) and lower (-10 mm), the new Accord looks slimmer and more athletic in the metal.

Despite the smaller exterior dimensions, the new Accord’s cabin is bigger than the already capacious interior of the eighth-gen car, thanks to improved packaging and redesigned seats. Rear legroom is up by 35.5 mm, and the vast boot holds 23 litres more than before – the space on offer is really impressive.

Time is the ultimate luxury. Sometimes taking time is a shortcut. You can see more review at




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