Breakfast @ Kluang Station Cafe

Goooooood Morning all,

Its such a long time since my last post. Here i am again!Hows things going?i hope everything is good. I just came back from the tiger kingdom, Thailand. Well i went to Phuket specifically Patong. Am not gonna talk about it now read it after the next post. Let me start with breakfast in Kuala Lumpur Airport 2 before we departed. Our flight is at 9 in the morning, so we reach KLIA2 around 7:30am by ERL from Terminal Bersepadu Selatan. I was surprised when i saw all the shops are already open at this hour. So we decided to had breakfast at Kluang Station Cafe. A kopitiam. Very common to have breakfast at kopitiam for Malaysian. 

Place – It was cool. Very clean, clear with the menu they had and very refreshing look on waiters face. They used a train station concept. It looks like you having a breakfast at the very old school train station been upgraded. With white theme to make the cafe look brighter.

Food – Nice, I had peanut butter banana toast and curry puff. My friend Ain, had their fried rice. Very nice presentation they have. Love the local coffee a lots. 

Price – I think is a little bit pricey from the normal kopitiam. Maybe because its located in airport. You know all airport shops are expensive even the drinking water cost you RM3. But their waiters are good. Very efficient. 

C – +603-7847 1513 / +603-78465377


W –

A – Gateway @ KLIA2, L2-23

Business Hour – 24hours

Kluang Station Fried RiceKluang Station Peanut Butter Toast with bananaKluang Station Interior 1Kluang Station Interior 2IMG_0811



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