Place to Visit : Pasar Karat, Johor

Good morning all,

I know its a little bit early for my post today. Well i reached office freaking early!and am sleepy. Let me write something before i start my work. How was your weekend folks? Mine its pretty cool. I went Melaka for Malay wedding receptions and this place called Pasar Karat  or in english antiques market. Its in the jungle but you can actually see from the highway itself. Am not really sure the specific place or by kilometers, but it is on the AMJ (Alternatif Melaka Johor) highway close to Johor. Its my first time here, my mum saw it first and she told me to stop. And here we are at the Pasar Karat Johor. They sell from the small tea cup or even an old school pen from Parker, english book from oxford university, and those big wheel such as cars, motorbikes and old bicycles.  Lets review!

Pasar Karat Johor 1Pasar Karat Johor 2Pasar Karat Johor 3Pasar Karat Johor 4Pasar Karat Johor 5Pasar Karat Johor 6Pasar Karat Johor 7Pasar Karat Johor 8Pasar Karat Johor 9Pasar Karat Johor 10Pasar Karat Johor 11Pasar Karat Johor 12

To those antiques collector, do come visit the market because its freaking awesome, they are not just a market, you can also enjoy drinks while you shop in the jungle. Well let me called it as Shop and coffee in the jungle. Have fun there!


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